Decorative Illustration With Frame by Anders Hvenegaard Prospections 03


Prospections 03 from House Doctor is a beautiful art print from the talented Danish street photographer, Anders Hvenegaard. He finds exciting motives for his photos when he is walking around Copenhagen with his camera. Anders Hvenegaard loves the darkness and explains that darkness tells a story while it also makes way for individual interpretation. When everything is illuminated, the magic and mysteriousness disappears. The art print comes with a black aluminium frame. Hang it by itself or use it as part of a group of your favourite wall decorations.

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Height: 3 cm
Width: 32 cm
Length: 37 cm
Depth: 1 cm
Material: Aluminium, MDF, Glass, Metal, Paper
Colour: Black, White


Product number: HD00281 / ig0912

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