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  • Attractive Hanging Wall Clock by Ib Laursen

    Attractive hanging wall clock, with white hanging stand and border and black numerals.            
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  • Blue Round Wall Clock With Wooden Frame by Hubsch

    Round wall clock with wooden frame, blue background and black dashes. It's ideal to add a good touch to a simple space. It will tell you what time it is and will be also a beautiful addition to any room.  
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  • Bond Street London Wall Clock With Strap 43 cm by Hill Interiors

    This nice clock, with visible leather strap would add a subtle element of country-chic to a wide variety of rooms.                      
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  • Large Embossed Station Clock Height 88 cm by Hill Interiors

    This is the Large Embossed Station Clock, at 80cm in diameter and 8cm deep this is a statement item that would look beautiful in any interior as part of a wall space. The neutral finish teamed with the roman numerals on the clock face provide a traditional feel that will fit in with most interiors.                  
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  • Large Wooden Wall Clock Height 80 cm by Hill Interiors

    A large round wooden wall clock with white Roman numerals to complement its lightly lime-washed face of smooth-finish horizontal planks. This clean-cut clock, with visible woodgrain would add a subtle element of country-chic to a wide variety of rooms.                    
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  • Black Analogue Pendulum Wall Clock by House Doctor

    A beautiful clock completes the look of your home. With Art form House Doctor, you get a decorative, artistic and sculptural look that can be used everywhere in the home. The clock is made of steel and plastic, and it comes in a wonderful, classic black colour with a brass hand. Use this clock in your kitchen, living room or in your bedroom as a practical and extremely beautiful decoration for your home.    
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  • Hannah Gold Table Clock Diameter 15 cm by House Doctor

    A clock is more than just a way of telling the time – it is also an item that has the potential to complete the home. With Hannah from House Doctor, you get a decorative table clock. Due to its simple, balanced and elegant design, you can place this clock on a cabinet in the living room or on your bedside table in the bedroom. The clock comes in the most stunning golden colour, which adds a warm and cosy atmosphere to any home. Place the clock where it makes most sense, and move it if you want to. This clock has a diameter of 15 cm.      
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  • Pretty Black Perpetual Flip Calendar & Clock by Parlane

    Beautiful black clock with perpetual flip calendar by Parlane.  
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