Diameter: 280mm
Height: 60mm
Bottom thickness: 4.4mm
Volume: 3.3 L
Handle type: wooden
Weight: 3KG
Properties: safe and environmentally friendly cookware natural organic coating enriches food with iron ions durable and wear-resistant suitable for all types of stoves

Large cast iron pan for the whole family. The wall height of 60 mm makes the pan universal for both frying and stewing.
The frying pan is made of cast iron, has thick walls and a bottom, contributes to uniform cooking without sticking. Resistant to damage and allows the use of metal paddles.

If I had to leave only one frying pan in the kitchen, then it would definitely be it.


Most people have seen images of glass blowing, whether traditional methods where the artist blows using their own mouth, or the scientific method that uses machinery for the blowing process. But videos and article usually show small, round pieces being made. Have you ever thought about how a beautiful glass dome is made? A large glass dome seems like a lot of surface area to be shaped by hand once you begin to think about it, and it takes a lot of skill to do it right. Here are some of the secrets to making a mouth blown glass dome with base that you see for sale in our shop.

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