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While it’s most often used as a decorative piece in today’s times, almost 400 years ago, the glass gardening cloche took the gardening world by storm. This bell-shaped glass cover functions as a mini-greenhouse by offering frost protection and relief. This invention allowed gardeners to plant earlier in the season as a result of this protection. It wasn’t long after the French honed their design that it made its debut in the United Kingdom.

The glass cloche has come a long way from its gardening days. The classical designs are currently all the rage and can be seen at modern weddings, events, and home or business decorations. With more and more people adopting the “modern farmhouse” designs in their homes, you can expect these to become only more popular. No matter what your style, a glass dome cover will fit in perfectly.

There are wide variety of glass domes cover offered on EM Home, the premier home décor site in the United Kingdom. Whether you want to use them to display your treasured collectibles or use them to add classic style to your home, EM Home has the perfect glass dome covers for you. Our glass domes covers vary in style and price, which means you’ll likely find just the glass domes cover you’re looking for. From elegant to edgy, EM Home has it all.

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