Cast iron frying pan Optima-Black, 240×46 mm


Diameter: 240mm
Height: 46mm
Bottom thickness: 4.4mm
Volume: 1.66 L
Handle type: wooden
Weight: 1.93kg
Properties: safe and environmentally friendly cookware natural organic coating enriches food with iron ions durable and wear-resistant suitable for all types of stoves

The popular diameter cast iron skillet is suitable for frying and stewing various dishes for the whole family. Has an ergonomic wooden handle (alder) that fits comfortably in the hand and does not heat up. Frying pan without additional non-stick coating that degrades over time. On the contrary, it has natural non-stick properties that grow with increased service life.

The advantages of cast iron can be enumerated endlessly, but what really deserves special attention is the taste of dishes cooked in such dishes, it is unique! Thanks to the uniform heating of the entire surface of the pan, the effect of cooking in the oven is created.

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