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    • Set of 2 Glossy Brass Shelf Brackets Supports by House Doctor

      Apart from House Doctor is a set of 2 shelf supports. The two supports are made of brass-plated iron that creates a nice, stylish design. The warm metal will add both warmth and cosiness to your décor. The glossy brass will add a sophisticated touch that has a beautiful effect in the home. With the Apart shelf supports, you will be able to customise your very own shelf unit. You can make it so that it fits your style perfectly. This unit is the ideal shelf unit for a bedroom, living room, kitchen or hallway. The maximum weight of the brackets is 10 kg, but please note that this depends on the material of the wall as well as the screws used.
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    • Set Of 2 Glossy Metal Finish Shelf Brackets / Supports by House Doctor

      2 brackets from House Doctor. These brackets are made of steel with a nice, glossy metal finish that adds style and character to any décor. Fit the brackets on the wall and use them to put up a nice shelf. This way you can easily create a practical and handsome storage solution on the wall. Use the shelf as a nice decoration in the kitchen. Place mugs, bowls and plates out in the open on the shelf to create a beautiful look. You can also use these brackets in the bedroom, or wherever you need extra shelf space.
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