Brown Stoneware Flower Pot With Face Imprint Medium by Madam Stoltz



Height: 13.5 cm / inner: 12 cm
Diameter: 12.5 cm / inner: 10.5 cm
Colour: Brown, Beige ( Colours and imprint may vary )
Material: Stoneware
Weight: 0.620 kg

Product No. MS00145 / HY11857-15

Unique flower pot with face imprint. It fits any type of interior style. Place flower pot on your windowsill, on a bookcase in your living room or as a centrepiece in the garden. This flower pot has the potential to add an extraordinary touch to any home. Pair it with a colourful plants to really impress your guests, while also making it a decorative item with potential to draw a lot of positive attention in the home.
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

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