Glass Planter/ Display Box Design by House Doctor



Length: 21 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 30 cm
Made from Glass, Iron
Colour: Black


Product Number: HD00169 / PM0381

Planters are a must-have item in the home as never seen before. They add a touch of liveliness and personality to any room, and they can therefore also rejuvenate any space in no time. With Plant from House Doctor, you get an absolutely stunning glass display box that is made of a combination of iron and glass. With its cool and modern look, Plant will definitely look good in any home. Use the display box to create a beautiful display in your home with plants or candles, and watch it become a decorative factor in your home. The display box is open at the top meaning that all of the plants will be able to breathe – it is therefore both functional and decorative. Dimensions: l.: 21 cm, w.: 30 cm, h.: 30 cm.


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