Clear Glass Flower Vase or Tealight Holder 2 in 1 Handmade Bunch Bouquet Tall 25 cm

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This simple and classy candle holder with an elegant shape will be a great addition to your room and table as this beautiful piece does not occupy a lot of space and it adds a classic touch. It can also be used as a vase when turning it upside down and it’s perfect for floral bouquets as well as wild garden flowers. This glass flower vase is a perfect centrepiece for weddings, restaurants and party themes.

The glassware is made using artisanal mouth-blowing techniques, which gives the product unique quality and due to the nature of this product occasional irregularities in the glass may occur.

Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended.

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Dimensions :

Height: 25 cm
Diameter: 9 cm
Material: Glass
Colour: Clear
Made in Europe


Product Number. HJ00002 / 1/249/250

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