Optima-Bordo cast iron grill pan, 240×46 mm


Diameter: 240mm
Height: 46mm
Bottom thickness: 4.4mm
Volume: 1.66 L
Handle type: wooden
Weight: 1.93kg
Properties: safe and environmentally friendly cookware natural organic coating enriches food with iron ions durable and wear-resistant suitable for all types of stoves

The grill pan is an indispensable assistant in the preparation of juicy meat steaks, grilled vegetables, sausages with a crispy crust and the like.

It is thanks to its unique shape that dishes cooked in a cast iron grill pan are delicious! The special grooved bottom helps to create a crispy crust, leaving the dish juicy on the inside. Nothing burns, excess fat flows into the grooves without saturating the dish. Dishes cooked in a cast-iron pan are unmatched taste to any other. It’s just a masterpiece.

The grill pan is presented in the assortment in the optimal diameters of 240-280 mm. It has a comfortable square wooden handle that does not heat up, is securely fixed and fits well in the hand.

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